A Picture of Guilt
Published 2003
• Finalist, Ben Franklin Award, Mystery/suspense
• Winner, Best Traditional Mystery, Readers Choice Awards

Ellie discovers video outtakes of a man near Lake Michigan that were recorded the same night he supposedly murdered his girlfriend 10 miles away.
A Winter's Tale
Published 2005
Ellie Foreman comforts a woman who lost her husband and finds more going on than just grief.
An Image of Death
Published 2004
Ellie receives a videotape that shows the murder of a young woman. AN IMAGE OF DEATH also features Georgia Davis as a police officer.
Bitterer Schleier
Published 2014
Anna und Nouri, beide Studenten an der Universität in Chicago, verlieben sich trotz ihres sehr unterschiedlichen kulturellen Hintergrunds ineinander. Anna, die zu ihren Eltern kein besonders inniges Verhältnis hat, ist überglücklich, mit Nouri in sein Heimatland Iran ziehen zu können, wo sie von seiner wohlhabenden Familie mit offenen Armen empfangen wird. Doch was 1978 mit einer glücklichen Ehe beginnt, wird völlig auf den Kopf gestellt, als die Welt durch den Sturz des Schahs und das Entstehen der Islamischen Republik aus den Fugen gerät.
Published 2007
A young hit woman takes out the wrong mark.
Dumber Than Dirt
Published 2000
A dark comedy about a young restaurant worker who finds a body in the car he steals.
Jump Cut
Coming in 2016
Chicago video producer Ellie Foreman has been absent from thriller author Libby Fischer Hellmann’s repertoire for almost a decade. Now she’s back...and soon entangled in a web of espionage, murder and suspicion that threatens to destroy what she holds most dear.
Nobody's Child
Published 2014
Georgia heads deep into the dangerous underworld of Chicago’s illegal sex trafficking business to help her pregnant half-sister.
Ragazza Insospettabile Scrive Noir
Published 2013
Una raccolta di 15 racconti brevi di Libby Fischer Hellmann
premiato autore di romanzi polizieschi
The Last Radical
Published 2001
A wanted '60s radical builds a successful life on the North Shore of Chicago until her husband disappears.
Published 2011
Ten years before Easy Innocence, three bodies turn up in quick succession—all of them dumped in waste disposal dumpsters or landfills. Officer Georgia Davis, her boyfriend detective, and his partner team up and find much more than they bargained for.
Your Sweet Man
Published 2007
The son of a Chicago Blues bassist in jail for 30 years for allegedly killing the boy’s mother, seeks redemption from his terminally ill father

Libby Fischer Hellmann

The Incidental Spy

The Incidental Spy

I'm delighted to announce that The Incidental Spy is here! It's a novella (longer than a short story, shorter than a novel) about a young German woman who is forced to spy on the early years of the Manhattan Project in Chicago. A short interview above explains how I came up the idea, and there are even shorter interviews about different aspects of the story on the book page.

The print version is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble; the ebook will be available in October from Stark Raving Press. During the month of September, I’m writing weekly blogposts about the time period and goings-on at the University of Chicago. Hope you’ll take a look.

Praise for The Incidental Spy:

"Superbly developed into a logically thrilling story with well-developed characters that seem too human many times. Haunting and memorable."
—Teri Davis, The Daily Nonpareil

"This book will have you spellbound and Lena is anything but an ‘incidental spy.’ When the truth is revealed, it will leave you speechless." 
—Starr Gardiner, author of The Other Side series

"Ms. Hellmann’s love of history and thirst for knowledge shines through… a fabulously researched and beautifully told story."
—Michelle Nicholls, Big Little Sister Blog

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¡La Habana Perdida está aquí!

La Habana Perdida

¡Si hablas español, mi novela de suspenso de gran éxito, LA HABANA PERDIDA, se encuentra ahora disponible en español!
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