Havana Lost

Revolution noir – The darker side of conflict

Havana Lost has launched at last. Feedback has started to roll in. And I’m fascinated by how many readers say they are ‘disturbed’ by Frankie Pacelli’s transformation from a young vulnerable likeable girl into—well (spoiler alert averted), what she ultimately became.


Inside Havana Lost

I’m so pleased to present my first “Glossi.” A Glossi is a short online magazine that you can create (free) about a subject. I did mine, of course, as a short virtual tour of Cuba, using excerpts from HAVANA LOST. Enjoy! Click to view Havana Lost on GLOSSI.COM  

Libby Fischer Hellmann - Crime Author

Author Superstars and Branding

There are superstar scientists, property developers, art dealers, actors, singers, models and brands.  It’s a celebrity-mad world. But what about authors? Everyone knows you need to market your books if you want to make your career successful as a writer. But what about marketing yourself?